Kardiani Village Kardiani village

A small company on a small island

Tinos Villa is a small company dedicated to integrity, to Tinos Island; its unique culture and history. We operate small vacation rental properties in restored old stone village houses. The idea is to fracture stereotypes about what an island holiday should be. What is comfort? Luxury? What is it we really need? Is it something complicated and predictable, some preconception influenced by mass-advertising and commercialism? Maybe not. Maybe it amounts to something simpler. Luxury, according to the dictionary, is excess. But maybe too much is not what we are looking for. Maybe excess never really affords us contentment. Perhaps what we are really looking for is something less tangled, something that has been here in front of us all the time. The most basic things: quiet, care, attention, simple food, still morning light. A wide sea merging with the sky, a clear dark night brimming with stars, a short pause in the midst of the mad rush of our lives. A spaciousness that suddenly appears, unearned or anticipated, allowing us to draw breath, slow down, look outside ourselves, appreciate. Sound of a village spring. North wind in the cypresses. Laughter. Or tears from too much laughter. Scent of a tomato vine in the hot sun. Alchemy that turns grapes into wine. Mystery of a late afternoon’s light, of a certain smile, of a sudden memory, of an invisible nightbird’s call. Of what is right in front of us.

What We are About

A village experience. Perhaps not as you expect it to be. Not exactly a beach holiday, although beautiful beaches are within easy reach. Raw elements, scent of jasmine, sound of water, ancient rocks, immense vistas, island hospitality, saturated in spectacular, quiet light.

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It’s said that the name is related to the Greek word “kardia”, which means heart. The heart is our capacity for imagination.

Walking beneath the wide green canopy of plane trees, pausing at the village square, where a fountain is attended by four marble frogs. This square is sometimes transformed into a throbbing dance floor, as a village feast gets underway on a summer’s night beneath the mountaintop, beneath the stars. Musicians strike up “nisiotika” melodies on violin, bouzouki and lute. The voices are strong, plaintive, beautiful. We dance together sometimes until dawn.