Customize Your Island Visit

Private Guiding Services

On Tinos there are many possibilities. Let us show you our island by car, on a half-day tour or full-day itinerary. With your consultation, we will create a programme that suits your interests. We might begin with a visit to the village of Pyrgos, famous for its generations of marble artisans. Here, we visit the house of the great sculptor Iannoulis Chalepas, and the small museum next to it. Beneath the shady canopy of a giant plane tree, we pause for refreshment at one of the many local cafes to be found in the main square. We continue to the newly-built, world class Museum of Marble Arts, located next to Greece’s most prestigious marble sculpting school. We might take you on a scenic drive along the island’s mountain roads, stopping to visit villages, including Volax, sitting like a white ship in a sea of giant granite boulders. We’ll see the bald mountain of Exombourgo, where the Venetian capital of Saint Helena once stood behind a double ring of fortress walls, and the nearby Monastery of Kechrovouni.

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Local Tinos Island Tour Guides

A Customized Island Tour

Our professional tour guides have been working in Greece and 90+ other countries worldwide since 1992. They will happily take you on a guided tour of Tinos Island. Please contact us and indicate your interests and we will tailor a tour that appeals to your specific desires. We can take you to places of archeological interest, historic churches, Venetian sites, a variety of beaches amidst remarkable landscapes, high places with expansive views across Tinos and neighbouring islands, exceptional and celebrated local restaurants, an internationally-awarded local brewery, and world-renowned local vineyards.