Project Description

An Island of Great Beauty and Diversity.

At just under 200 square kilometres in surface area (75 square miles), Tinos island feels at the same time spacious and most intimate; which is to say there is much to explore here, with easy accessibility on good roads, local customs to discover and friendly villagers to welcome you.

The island has a variety of contrasting landscapes, from the highest of its mountain peaks, to the famous quarries of precious green marble in the island’s northern region, the unique geometrical beauty of Tinos dovecotes, and the remarkable terrain of the island’s interior, strewn as it is with massive granite boulders from a prehistoric volcanic event. There are many things to do and see on our island.

A variety of tours can be arranged, from tours by car that explore the many white traditional villages spread across dramatic mountainous terrain, to walking tours along ancient stone pathways through a captivating landscape of terraced slopes and lush, well-watered valleys. It is possible to arrange culinary and wine tours, horseback riding on beautiful strands, and boat trips to hidden beaches accessible only from the sea. For those who wish to travel further afield on a day-trip, excursions to the nearby archeological sites on the small islands of Delos and Rinia can be organized.