Kardiani is well-known for its abundant freshwater springs, which nourish an oasis of plane trees, cypress, elm, palm, fig, pampas grass, myrtle, olive and pine amidst the surrounding sunburnt fields. Near the door of the rental properties, two stone spouts spill a rush of cool mountain water into a large stone basin, beneath a lush canopy of walnut trees. This water is channeled downhill to the nearby organic fruit and vegetable gardens. In times past, when there were many more villagers and many more village gardens under cultivation, each farmer was assigned, on a rotating basis, a specific hour when the water would be diverted to his plot, which could be at any time of night or day.  An old friend of ours once told us how he would fall asleep of a hot afternoon, or in the middle of the night, with one naked foot in the irrigation channel where it entered his garden. When the cold water spilling across his ankle and toes awoke him, he would jump up and get to work hoeing open the earthen conduits and directing the flow toward his crops.